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There are a lot of pieces that go into finishing a room or building. A big part of finalizing the look and feel of any space is millwork. Millwork, in the broadest sense, is any woodwork produced in a mill. Most millwork can generally be referred to as trim. It typically doesn’t bear loads. Instead, it contributes to the visual interest of an area. Custom millwork comes in two big categories. The first is architectural millwork, which sometimes contains laminate. The second is architectural woodwork, a term generally used for wood only.

Custom architectural woodwork is designed and built to be placed in a particular interior. The specialized fit adds a sophisticated touch to any interior. Custom milled pieces add visual flair to unique spaces. Examples of custom millwork can include moldings, baseboards, and balustrades. Fireplace mantels, doors, and door casings are other, very noticeable examples of customized architectural millwork. Custom millwork can be important for both residential spaces and more formal ones. Millwork adds character to a room in a way that few other touches can.

Architectural millwork is an important touch when finalizing the interior design of a building. These are touches that can change the whole feel of a space. They really do set the tone. Millwork can provide either a warm or cold feeling, depending on the details. It is an excellent indicator of the age and style of a building. Some contemporary buildings favor clean, streamlined design, so there’s not much decorative millwork involved in these spaces. However, the Craftsman, Queen Anne, and Victorian styles of architecture are enhanced by lots of intricate millwork. These elements are seen on almost every feature of a place. Staircases are often laden with great examples of architectural millwork.

Today, some millwork items are mass-produced. It’s easy to find samples of common baseboard and molding styles at large chain home improvement stores. There is still a big market for customized millwork, though. This is particularly true of large buildings and other institutional spaces. Schools, hospitals, and banks all telegraph something about their mission based on the architectural millwork they choose. Custom architectural millwork can be a key part of any building project. It adds character to spaces in important ways.