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Today, homeowners frequently seek to improve residential properties. One increasingly popular strategy involves installing fine custom millwork. This type of woodworking renovation holds broad appeal for a variety of reasons.

About Custom Millwork
Customized millwork involves installing handmade skilled carpentry features, such as built-in cabinetry, custom shelving, mantels, and wainscotting. It differs from trim, although some millwork does also involve the addition of decorative crown moldings, balustrades, and window sills. One distinctive characteristic of elegant millwork involves the selection of fine woods to create built-in components. Today, some craftsmen use CAD drafting programs to assist in the design process.

Five Popular Reasons to Add Residential Custom Millwork
Why do many property owners opt to request customized millwork? Some popular rationales underlying this decision include:

  1. Emphasize Architectural Design Elements: Beautiful millwork typically promotes a specific style. It may evoke Colonial, Victorian, Craftsman Movement, or other popular themes in a charming (yet supremely functional) way. A skilled carpenter helps transform living spaces.

  1. Infuse Vintage Homes With a Sense of Period Atmosphere: Some property owners employ custom millwork to help renovate vintage homes more effectively. This improvement might transform a rundown, aging residence into a modern dwelling reflecting popular design motifs from a specific historical era.

  1. Obtain Practical Built-in Conveniences: Some millwork features contribute to the comfort of contemporary homes and businesses in striking ways. A built-in bookcase in a home office or customized cabinetry in a kitchen or a dining room may increase storage options. A custom millwork built-in Murphy bed may optimize floor space in a guest bedroom.

  1. Enhance Property Appeal: The addition of beautiful custom millwork permits some homeowners to boost their property values over the long term. This benefit sometimes hinges upon an owner’s ability to maintain woodworking improvements in good condition over time.

  1. Customize a Residence: One popular reason to install millwork involves a property owner’s desire to tailor a home to meet a household’s unique needs and tastes. Custom millwork confers distinctive custom design qualities upon dwellings.